WG Office®

An heating system for office and commercial areas

WG Office<sup>®</sup>

The invisible solution to heat large areas

WG Office® ideal solutions for heating large spaces, homes, offices and commercial premises with pleasant comfort. made to be applied to the ceiling or false ceiling of a building. the versatility that WG Office® provides gives the ability to reconfigure the layout of the spaces you want to heat, simply by moving the panels to the area of interest without any need for masonry work. this heating solution, thanks to an efficient insulation system, has an efficiency of about 90-95%, and only a small part of the heat produced is lost above the false ceiling. It is made of two sheets of laminated glass joined together, one of which is equipped with a surface that can be stimulated electrically. by applying an electrical current, the coating on the glass surface transforms the energy into heat that is emitted in the form of long-wave infrared rays. the heated pane is completely hidden in an insulated casing placed in the back, and that, as well as improving efficiency, avoids heating the rear panel which is the part that is mounted. an led lights up when the panel is on.

Why choose WG Office®

Designed to be hidden in the ceiling of the room
Easy to move and slightly bulky
Maximum efficiency and no dispersion







Insulating material


Technical details


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