WG Cristal®

Comfort and heat even in extreme situations

WG Cristal<sup>®</sup>

Great comfort without altering the locals

WG Cristal® is an active insulating glass that converts electricity into heat. very used in scandinavian countries and in rigid weather, it increases the comfort of new buildings or refurbished buildings and is also the optimal solution for places that are not constantly busy and need to be heated quickly. WG Cristal® is very suitable for many applications in windows and large windows.

the heated windows are made of special glass with a surface that can be stimulated electrically. by applying a current, the coating on the glass surface transforms it into heat energy that is emitted in the form of long-wave infrared rays. depending on the application it is possible to heat the inner pane, the outer one, or both.

Why choose WG Cristal®

High performance to heat entire rooms quickly
Transfer doors and windows in heating systems
Comfortable anti-condensate function
Anti-fog and ice function to counteract the rigid climate



WG Cristal
WG Cristal

Internal panel

Insulating cavity

Outer panel

WG Cristal Plus
WG Cristal plus

Internal panel

Central panel

Outer panel

Insulating cavity

Technical details


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