Our Company

Our goal is to revolutionize
the concept of home heating

Our Company

Produce heating system to revolutionize the concept of home heating

The WarmGlass® mission

We are a company that is part of the industrie montanari group that for nearly 40 years has produced special windows for the building and refrigeration sectors.we strongly believe in the superior quality our technology and of our products, and our objective is to develop and produce radiant glass panels and infrared heaters for a harmonious elegant atmosphere. Our ambition is to revolutionize the concept of heating: glass, an already valuable material in terms of decor, now becomes a heating element and an active part of a building.
We want to provide a carefully crafted, high quality, technological advanced product which is authentic and competitive, respecting the environment and its sustainability while doing justice to the innate elegance of glass in all its facet.

Our values


Our company uses the latest technology and highly specialized staff in order to be able to deal with any market request and continuously maintain the highest levels of quality of our products.


We work with several external entities such as architects, engineers, heat engineers, universities and we turn to certification bodies such as tuv-sud and the jordan institute for develop and improve our product.

Made in Italy

WarmGlass® solutions are produced exclusively in italy. The entire production process has been designed to guarantee reliability and safety, so our products have a warranty of 2 to 10 years.


All of our products are designed and manufactured according to current electrical safety and accident regulations. This is because we believe that safety is the basis of a quality product.
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