WG Ambiente®

A refined and elegant heating system

WG Ambiente<sup>®</sup>

Modern technology and beauty in the same product

WG Ambiente® is an electronic glass radiator. it consists of two sheets of glass laminated together, one of which is equipped with a surface that can be stimulated electrically. by applying an electrical current, the coating on the glass surface transforms the energy into heat that is emitted in the form of long-wave infrared rays. ambiente® is produced in five different sizes with an array of colours: plain, digital prints, transparent and mirrored, it can be used as the main heating source or as an additional element to an existing system. this heating solution has an efficiency of close to 100% as all the electric energy used is transformed into heat and emitted inside the room.

Why choose WG Ambiente®

An elegant heating system perfect as a complement to a modern interior
A versatile form that can be applied on pedestal or wall
Transparent, does not alterate the aesthetic of locations
100% energy efficiency







Technical details


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